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I have been using chatting sites for more than 3 years but the experience of Y99 is most smooth and easy to understand. You can literally start anonymous chatting within 7 seconds on Y99, all you need to pick a username. 👀

During the pandemic, when I was looking for a little getaway, a little virtual, hangout where I can socialize, I searched and I came across this awesome chat site Y99. At first, I came on as a guest user and I stayed on Y99 for like forever. I really liked, how easy it is to register yourself, the site lets you chat without even creating an account or lengthy profiles. In just 2 simple steps I was inside a Y99 chat room. Being a queer, I always had my share of fears, worries, and doubts. During my initial days, I was simply just lurking, because I was too shy, and I also didn’t know the meanings of the latest texting abbreviations and emoticons and all those fun emojis It’s important to understand what you’re really getting into when you join Y99 chat rooms. If you’re not having anyone to talk to, can be bloody hard on yourself. It’s like your friends/family/GFs/BFs/relatives don’t have a clue, what hardships you are going through or don’t have any time for you. You might value their frame of point, but what about your point of view, you worry too much about being a burden, about bothering them with your thoughts. Conceivably you have some very personal things going on in your lives that you want to share with others but don’t feel like doing so with the people you’re close to, or your family, relatives, and friends because they might judge you for that. Maybe you could be someone who doesn’t have loads of friends. At these times and others, Y99 chat rooms come into play and can be very enticing. Nevertheless, not everyone has the same encounter or gets the the same benefit of doubts, when it comes to Y99 Chat Room. 😁

Tho registration is not necessary but if you register then you will get access to more features like keeping record of personal chats and also you can get some cool badges by completing the tasks. I also met some irritating users but thanks to blocking options to ignore such creatures. 😇😇

The site is already launching new features like new stickers, GIFs sharing, etc and I am very thankful to the devs for giving us such an awesome platform for chatting. I am waiting for new features soon 😍😍

Well, I am all head over heels for this Y99 chatting site. Here, online, you will be able to share all of your thoughts and feelings without having to worry about any kind of ramifications. The person at the other end of the screen, or as a matter of fact on the other side of the world does not know you and will not have any kind of basis to judge you. Even if they do judge you, you do not know them whatsoever, so there is no need to care. I got accepted by Y99 and its users without getting judged, I got accepted the way I am and the way GOD made me…Thank you Y99, you’re the best..❤❤.

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