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This guide post intends to cover multiple commonly brought topics in friendly language.

Understanding Y99

Y99 has many features but developers focus on chat rooms & random chat the most.

Reporting someone

We have placed this paragraph to the top of this article to emphasize how important your reports are to us. We spend time carefully reading your reports instead of sending you bogus “Thank you for your report” acknowledgement messages.

Please report users who you believe are “abusive”/ threat to our community. We try our best to terminate “abusers” as soon as possible. We review every report so, make sure to describe the problem properly. You reports are very important to us.

You have a list of chat rooms called “Featured Rooms”. Initially, this list contained developer made rooms but now, we allow requested user made rooms to appear in the list. The user made featured rooms are managed by them but we may intervene when required. Contact us if you come across any issue in a featured room.

Anyone can create a room on Y99 & request it to be listed via contact form.

User authenticity

We do not verify the authenticity of the users on our platform. The site is built to serve nothing but casual conversations & entertainment. Feel free to make friends but do not share personal information. There’s no guarantee that anybody is real on here and that’s not a problem because nobody knows you. Do not prove your “realness” to anybody on here. Instead of trying to spot “catfishes”, try to understand the spirit of this article.

Some tips:

  • Do not accept friend request from someone you have not talked to before.
  • Do not prove anything to anyone. Someone called you fake? Tell them “I don’t have to prove anything to you” or block them.
  • Want to block someone? Don’t give a second thought. If a user can compel you to think about the block button, they deserve to be in your block list.
  • Keyboard warrior groups exist everywhere. Remind yourself – you are anonymous. If they try to fight you, they will be fighting their keyboard.
  • IMPORTANT: Since Y99 is designed for anonymity, you are warned not to share phone number/ email/ social media accounts because these can be used to haunt/ track/ stalk you forever. If someone asks you for social id/ number, deny with an excuse (example – i deleted my ids recently).
  • Room mods/admins have control over that specific room. Anyone can create a room & be admin of it. They are not representatives of Y99.
  • VIP users (financial supporters) on Y99 have a blue check-mark () beside their username and they rank at the top of users list. They are not staffs either.


Hit the log out button if you are not enjoying the conversations. By design, Y99 makes you completely anonymous. Nobody knows you so, nobody can bully you. Make use of the “block button” and limit private messages to friends only. Not using the provided filtering tools to block them is equivalent to cheering them up.

If blocking & limiting private messages doesn’t help, simply log out and come with a new name.

Nature of content

Y99 is built to strictly serve family safe content. If that’s not what you are looking for, please leave.

Y99 – A guest’s best friend

Not denying that when you enter the site through a guest account, you have an empty friend list. Yet, do not consider yourself friendless because Y99 is built in a way that it is automatically your first friend.

Y99 guides you with easy & descriptive interface, protects you with a decent website security level & provides you personalization controls.

Y99 lets you:

  • Disable notifications (sometimes an annoyance).
  • Block (Ignore) people without letting them know
  • Have multiple accounts
  • Doesn’t force you to verify email (Only required to reset password)
  • Protects your IP address/ location from being exposed.
  • Lets you dispose accounts
  • Only allows those in your friend list to search you up.
  • Limit your inbox to friends only

For Parents

Y99 users aged between 13-18 must have parental supervision. Please monitor your teen’s activity on the computer & teach them safe web habits. Have questions? Mail us y99.in (at) yahoo (d-o-t) com. Make sure to mention teen’s username.

A few more words: This article talks about anonymity & inauthenticity. However, in no way it is suggested to impersonate someone. Respect copyright. Obey cyber-laws. Be nice, social & responsible.

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    1. Hi, once your account is deleted, your friends cannot open conversation with you but they can see your last sent message in their message list for as long as 30 days or until they remove the entry from their message list.

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