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Y99 Meet is an online video call through link service. Simply send a link to start a voice call or video conference or screen sharing with your friends, office mates & family for free. No app, no login & no mess. You can start making unlimited browser calls through internet right away without having to signup or pay anything.

We brought this feature/plugin as an extension to our existing one to one video and voice calling features on Y99.in Since Y99 meet allows multiple people to connect on video and voice calls it has now allowed our users to directly connect through the usual group chat within the group. We have made the platform publicly available for anyone looking to quickly initiate a conference/meeting.

It is as easy to use as it is to begin with Y99 Meet. The steps are simple.

  1. Create a name for your video meeting or continue with the one already suggested by the application.
  2. Once the room/meet room is created, share the link from your url bar with anyone you are looking to invite to the meeting/conference.
  3. Anyone who opens your link is directly invited to the video / voice meeting.

Some features:

You can configure how the meeting should start or go as you please. You can set the invited users to remain muted at start ( both in video and audio).

The application also allows you to share your screen.

You can also set a password for your meeting, anyone who opens the link will require to enter the password to continue.(You can change the password during on-going meeting as well)

You can also make use of a feature that allows you to choose users prior to allowing them to join the call known/ referred to as lobby mode in your settings/configuration.

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