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Free conversations in English online help you improve your speaking skills immediately. Talk to random strangers in English and improve your language skills in our guest chat rooms without registration. It’s a proven fact that the learning curve of any language is easier if gone through the practical way. Cramming grammar rules is a thing of the past. Most of our chat rooms are International and English being the primary language in them makes it easier for you to learn English by conversing with the Native speakers. You can make friends and talk to them regularly and also please don’t shy to ask them any language related confusions you might have in your mind.

Some of these tips will help you make good friends in Y99 Chat Rooms:

  1.  Do not private message people without permission. Although, this behavior might be acceptable on social networking sites but in a chat room, you should ask the user in public chat if s/he is willing to entertain a private conversation with you.
  2. Greet users in a human-like way. Instead of saying “Hello”, “Anyone wants to talk to me”, “Anyone interested, message me”. Say “Hello Jimm, how’s you day going?”
  3. Participate in the fun discussions. Come on, you don’t have to be shy. Also ask questions. For example – If you come across a user from Brazil, ask her/him if s/he has visited the Iguazu Falls.
  4. Compliment the chatters if they say praise worthy things. “Hey James, you seem to have a lot of information on this topic.”

Note: Avoid talking about any sensitive topic because lack of command over the language might cause you to say something that might be perceived negatively by others. If you do not know the meaning of a slang, you may look up its meaning on thick dictionary.

Tap the above button and start chatting instantly in our free random guest English language chat rooms without downloading any android/ iphone app or email verification.

5 thoughts on “No Registration – Free online English language chat rooms”

    1. Hi there! Bahar! Myself Loveyansh! you should practice, practice and practice dude if you wish to speak english fluently. Practice makes perfect. You can think of taking english speaking lectures… But it’s not the case.. 😊 first of all think in english, talk to yourself in english and I’m also using this site since 2019, i’ve had a great experience there and special thing of it is that it functions too fast with accuracy… I love this ❤️❤️.. with no issues. believe me it’ll work.. Go! meet native english speakers there!
      GOOD LUCK ✌️

  1. hi .any one interested in speaking english .i am there .i want to improve my speaking power .if i speak with native english speaking person my english will shyness will vanish.

  2. Guess no one is perfect but, surely there’re good, better and best among us. Sorry I go by the young deelyn and I’m also here to be among the best. Thank you.

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