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As a chatter, there are rooms where you usually hang-out and chill with your friends. But being banned from your favourite room is quite frustrating but there are ways to avoid such banning if you follow these simple steps.
Stay only on site owned rooms.

There are hundreds of chat rooms in the site but there are only three rooms that are owned by the site, which are the Lobby, Grown-ups, and Online Random Club. These rooms are maintained and monitored by site admins so rules and restrictions are less compared by user created rooms. So, if you want to settle a fight without getting yourself banned then settle it over site own rooms. But still try not to be rude. Even if these rooms are less restricted, there are certain trigger words that will automatically delete your posts if you post something that’s really terrible. Aside from that, you will get down votes from the rest of the users if you continue to do so.

Read and follow room rules.

User-created rooms have a list of room rules that they will strictly implement thru their moderators. You can easily determine if one is a Moderator with the bolt badge, while Room Admins have their crowns. Most rules are generic like age restrictions and spamming of room invites. But some have more than generic rules like one room that lets you post a photo if you commit a typo, which actually makes the room more interesting. Following these simple rules will actually help you from being ban.

Respect the admins and moderators.

They say, respect is to be earned but in this case they should be given. Going to user-created rooms is like visiting a house of a stranger. No matter how much you dislike them, you should show them respect as you are inside their abode cause if you don’t, you can easily be thrown outside.

Avoid picking a fight.

Not everyone get along with another but as much as possible try to avoid picking a fight. As much as possible try to reread what was posted for you to avoid some misunderstanding. It could just have been intended as a joke. Being considerate as to how one feels at the moment, is also a key to avoid fights. You never know when one is feeling down. Lastly, when bantering an opinion, try not to force your ideals to another as one thoughts of it is not always identical as yours. Always accept one’s difference as each of us varies almost in everything.

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