Y99 in a nutshell ~ A poem

Start Chatting Already [No Registration Required]

Enter The Chat

This will take you to the chat room you are looking for

Yes, you can enter y99 when at leisure, bored or tired!

Uplifts your mood instantly and gives you a boost

And in the room, you can be a guest if you wish or be a host!

Room, when I say, I refer to the groups in y99,

Join one, two or all, it just would be fine! 

Choose from a range of topics or rooms based on age groups,

Or just talk ‘one on one’, in pm, with a person you choose.

You can create your room or very well join the existing ones,

Or simply try the ‘Random chat‘ feature, at least once.

If you should feel, you can add friends, reject or block,

With the features y99 offers, you can be here around the clock.

Creating a room, takes just a few clicks,

Give a name, start the room; there are no complicated tricks.

Make your trusted ones as co-admins or mods,

Monitor the room and see that there are no odds.

Badges are something that people look forward to own,

Few are free and others are challenging to earn.

Vip badge stands out among others for sure,

You can change the colour of your ID, post gifs and more..

There’s a feasibility to post pics, voice notes and youtube link,

You can enjoy all the features in the way you think.

Voice call and video call is another unique feature,

Where in you can talk you heart out or just be a listener!

Registering an ID gives access to more options,

You ll enjoy the features and find more reasons..

To be on y99 and to completely feel secured,

For you have got the option to report trollers, abusers and more

Upload beautiful DPs, images and quotes,

Express your state of mind in the form of status.

You can get views on your profile and earn stars too,

You also have blogs, articles and reviews to go through.

This is y99, for you, in a nutshell..

And only a gist of it for me to tell..

Entering into y99 is just a click away!

Start chatting already and register your ID today!

…Alice (y99 user)

2 thoughts on “Y99 in a nutshell ~ A poem”

  1. The best article i have seen so far explaining each and every pros of y99 if only I had read this in the beginning when I joined would have understood y99 way better in those early days it’s just awesome 👏

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