How to talk to someone in another country for free?

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Did you mean online chat with someone in another country? Yes, it is possible in several ways and one of them is using an online chat service. There are many online chat services small and big that can help you with your query.

Simply by searching on google, bing, duckduckgo,, and several other well known search engines can suggest you hundreds of such services.

Y99 is one among those services that can help you chat with someone in another country and without having you take on expenses.

How does Y99 chat make it possible to talk to someone from another country?

Y99 chat is a random online chatting service that is being used thousands of people from over 200 countries. The variety of users is really great and you could get to chat with a lot of them if you joined our platform.

There are hundreds of channels you could choose from. Searching for a channel is just as easy. When you join a channel you will find that there are users from all the different nations and you will be able to be a part of it.

You can communicate with anyone through group and private conversations. If you find it hard to send your first message you can go to the random chat, it lets you connect with people from other countries and your own at ease. People using the random may be just as nervous as you are so take it easy.

Always be decent about your choice of words. This will help you continue the conversation for longer period of time. You can add them to your friend list if both are on good terms and that’s what our role is going to be in helping you talk to someone from another country.

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